Archaeological and City Museum

The Museum is located inside the Palazzo della Loggia, subject of excavations, which have enabled the acquisition of important information relating to the history of the hill on which stood the ancient city. On the ground floor, you can see as mosaics, marble reliefs, glass and ceramics dating from the Bronze Age to the Early Middle-Age. Of great interest is the archeological area with a Byzantine necropolis (IV-VII century D.C.).

On the first floor the visit continues with an illustration of the history through the archeological, historical and artistic medieval and modern times. Several examples of imported pottery  testify  the intense maritime trade of the medieval city centers in the Mediterranean, followed by local production that since the end of the 12th century made of Savona one of the most important centers of ceramic production till the present day. The last section concerns urban development of the city before and after the construction of the fortress by the Genoese military.